The town and county of Antigonish is proud to be home to the world�s longest running Highland Games outside Scotland, and gladly opens its doors to the thousands of tourists and competitors who come to witness both the legacy of the Games, and true Maritime hospitality. Since 1863, the Antigonish Highland Society and its Highland Games have played host to the best in Celtic Talent, staging one of Canada�s finest outdoor Tattoos and a heartwarming Concert Under the Stars. Along with these nightly shows, visitors to the Antigonish Highland Games take in feats of strength and tests of elegance as hundreds of pipers, drummers, dancers and heavyweight competitors gather to try for prestigious titles in their disciplines here where the traditional sports and athletic art forms of the Gael are kept alive. Join us this July 14th, 15th and 16th as we celebrate our Scottish roots � borrowed or by blood � at the 143rd Antigonish Highland Games.

Join us at Antigonish Highland Games and immerse yourself in the world of tradition, music and sports, with the confidence that you have the opportunity to use the innovative payment system Google Pay for your convenience. Including here you will find . We look forward to welcoming you and guaranteeing you an unforgettable experience and impeccable service during your stay at our events.

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