The Antigonish Highland Games 5 Mile Road Race

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 Friday, July 14, 2006

 Experience the exhilaration and excitement of the Antigonish Highland Games 5 Mile Road Race. This premier event dates back to 1988, and has quickly garnered its way to being one of the most prestigious road races in Atlantic Canada.

        The course commences at picturesque Columbus Field, and winds its way around a portion of South River Road, back through Greenwold, and down towards Antigonish Landing. As you circle the route with the swaying trees, the background skirl of the bagpipes, the magnificent habitat of wildlife migration, and the setting sun off to the West, your adrenalin will be overcome by this breathtaking experience! You inhale the aroma of blossomed trees and wild flowers which cover the terrain alongside the course. To the opposite side of your run, the tranquil waters leading into Antigonish Harbour make it one of the most serene and undisturbed examples of Nature at its best.

        As you quicken your pace you can almost envision the early ships which moved along the waters in a more “bustling” era. These vessels were the main means of transportation in “Early Antigonish”.

        What more can one ask?

        The magnitude of the peacefulness allows you to focus, relax and strive for your own personal best time.

        We’d love to have you experience real “SCOTTISH” hospitality and camaraderie in the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia. 

Categories include:

1)    OPEN: Male & Female

2)    JUNIOR: Male & Female (18 years and under)

3)    MASTERS: Male & Female (40 years and over)

4)    SENIOR MASTERS: Male & Female ( 50 years and over) 

Prizes include cash for the top three male and female finishers overall. The first three successful participants in each category will receive souvenir medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze awarded by the Antigonish Highland Society. In addition, a number of trophies are awarded to commemorate the contributions of individuals who have helped keep the sport alive.

Join the many local, national and international runners who have circled this as a MUST EVENT. All skill levels are welcome!

We guarantee that you will truly enjoy the experience – dare to prove us wrong!

Entry Form available here.