Antigonish Highland Games

Highland Dancing Competition - 2004


Each year at the Antigonish Highland Games four Commemorative Highland Dancing trophies are presented.

The Wilena MacInnis Penny Trophy is presented to a Premier Dancer from Antigonish who accumulates the highest number of total points in the Premier competitions.  All events held during the Games (except Pre-Championships, Championships, Special Events and Restricted Premier) contribute to the accumulation of points.
2003 Winner - Stephanie Grant, Antigonish, NS

The Florence MacMillan Trophy is presented to a Premier Dancer from the Maritimes who performs the best Flora MacDonald's Fancy during the Special Event.
2003 Winner - Stephanie Grant, Antigonish, NS

The Mary Dundas Memorial Trophy is presented to the top under 16 years of age Premier Dancer for proficiency in the Sword Dance.
2003 Winner- Marielle Lesperance, Ottawa, Ont

The New Zealand Pre-Premier Trophy is presented annually to the Pre-Premier dancer from Antigonish who judges choose as the dancer demonstrating the most promise.
2003 Winner - Kayla MacDonald, Antigonish, NS


Saturday, July 17

Intermediate & * Restricted Premier      9:00am

Event #1 Fling (6)
Event #2 Seann Triubhas (4&2)
Event #3 Laddie (4)
Event #4 Barracks (4)

* Restricted Premier  is restricted to dancers who have NOT won a Premier High Aggregate or Premier Non-Aggregate Trophy in the past year (one year to the date of this competition). Restricted Premier status must be verified by teacherís signature

Premier Highlands   12:30pm

Event #5 Fling (6)
Event #6 Sword (2&2)
Event #7 Seann Triubhas (4&2)
Event #8 Strathspey & 1/2
Tulloch (2&4) 

Dance Off - Mary Dundas Memorial Trophy 
1st & 2nd place winners under 16 (Sword 2&1) 

Sunday, July 18

Primary    9:00am

Event #9 16 Pas de Basques
Event #10 Pas de Basques & HC
Event #11 Fling (4)
Event #12 Sword (2&1)

Beginner    9:00am

Event #13 Fling (4)
Event #14 Sword (2&1) 
Event #15 Lilt (4)

Novice    9:00am

Event #16 Fling (4)
Event #17 Sword (2&1) 
Event #18 Seann Triubhas (3&1)
Event #19 Lilt (4)

Premier Nationals    12:30pm

Event #20 Hornpipe (4) 
Event #21 Special Event Flora (4)
(Open to Premier Dancers from the Maritime Provinces only)
Event #22 Village Maid (4) 
Event #23 Blue Bonnets (4)

Dance Off - Florence MacMillan Trophy
1st & 2nd place winners 
(Flora 6 steps)

Download entry form here.


Competition Rules

1) Category changes must be called in to Joan Haliburton at (902) 863-6676 ASAP. Late changes may not appear on program. May confirm entry by e-mail to:

2) First to enter, last to dance. 

3) Restricted Premier category dancers may compete in both Premier and Restricted Premier competitions.

4) SOBHD dancer registration cards will be used as dancerís admission to the grounds. Competitors numbers will be issued on the field the day of the competition upon verification of current SOBHD dancer registration card. Dancer must present card to receive awards.

5) Entries postmarked after June 25, 2004 will be charged an additional late entry fee of $10.00. Absolutely no refunds.

6) Dancing and scruitineering shall run according to SOBHD rules and regulations for competitions.

7) Competitors must report to stage area when event is called and must fill in for Reels when needed or risk disqualification.

8) No coaching by teachers or parents while dancers are on stage.

9) In the event of a protest being lodged, a fee of $15 must accompany a written complaint not later than 48 hours after the event. 

10) The Antigonish Highland Society will not be responsible for lost articles or personal injury.

11) Dancers must be in full dress (including slippers) when receiving awards. 

12) Medals will be awarded from Primary to Premier categories. All high aggregate winners with the exception of the Primary category will receive trophies. All adult Premier Highland, Premier National and Restricted Premier categories will receive cash awards to third place. 1st place-$20, 2nd place-$15, 3rd place-$10. 

13) In case of inclement weather, competition will be held at Millennium Centre, St. F.X. University.

Download entry form here.


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