2005 Scottish Heavy Events

 USA vs. Commonwealth

David Webster


Team USA

Team Commonwealth

Craig Smith
265 lbs
Throwing since 99
3rd year as Pro
Top 10 in USA
2003 Professional East Coast Champion
Greg Hadley
Antigonish, N.S

22, 6', 270lbs.
2nd year professional
Former North American
  Amateur Champion
Current Amateur World Record  holder in 22lb Hammer
Rob Hamelin
28, 6'1", 260 lbs.
Second year as pro

Dirk Bishop
New Brunswick
41,  6' 1"  275 lbs
Years Throwing: 4th
3 Time NB Champion
Michael Smith
36, 6', 295 lbs.
6 years Professional
World Record in 20lb Sheaf Toss
Joel Thiessen
British Columbia
29, 6' 1", 278 lbs
6th season, 2nd as pro
B.C. Highland Games Champion
Daniel Bourque
Second year as pro.


Alistair Gunn
World Champion 4 times
Scottish Champion 6 times
North American Champion 5 times
World Caber Champion twice
World Hammer Throwing Champion 3 times.

Photos by Lynn Boland Richardson - David Webster and Michael Smith

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