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2000 Memorial Gallery


Standing at the grave of Allan Cameron:

L-R: Scott Williams, Director, Antigonish Highland Society School of Piping and Drumming, presenting a hardbound copy of The Kilberry Book of Ceòl Mór to piper Jamus MacDonald, Pinevale; Fred Tarasoff, East Earltown; Andrea Boyd, Antigonish; Daniel Cameron, North Grant; and Janis MacLellan-Peters, Vice President, Piobaireachd Society of Antigonish

Andrea Boyd of Antigonish plays 
“Too Long In This Condition”.

Fred Tarasoff of East Earltown plays “Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon”.

Ian Juurlink of St. Andrews plays 
“Hector MacLean’s Warning”.

Jamus MacDonald of Pinevale plays “Tulloch Ard”.

Laura MacLellan of Antigonish plays “The Battle of the Strome”.

Mary Ellen Baldner of Antigonish plays “The Groat”.


Left: Society Piobaireachd Instructor, Scott Williams introduces novice piper,Isaac Mills of Somers Road who played “Clan Chattan’s Gathering”.

Above: Society President Dr. John Hamilton, left, and Vice President Janis MacLellan-Peters, right, offer a token of appreciation to Scott and Maureen Williams for their on-going service to the Society.

Claire Juurlink, Steve Baldner, Anne Restoule and Sandra MacIsaac brave the elements to wittness the 1st Annual Pipers' Memorial celebrations.

Daniel Cameron of North Grant plays
“Hector MacLean’s Warning”


Society President, Dr. John Hamilton, Vice President Janis MacLellan-Peters and Piobaireachd Instructor Scott Williams present copies of "The Kilberry Book of Ceòl Mór" to the young pipers who performed in the 1st Annual Pipers' Memorial celebration.
Jamus MacDonald, Dr. John Hamilton, Scott Williams and Laura MacLellan are pictured during the presentation of Kilberry Books of Ceòl Mór.


Right: Aird MacIsaac of Giant's Lake, Guysborough County and Ron MacKay of Westville, Pictou County came dressed for the cold wet weather.

Above: Spectators find shelter where they can at the 1st Annual Pipers' memorial celebrations. Many sat in their cars, others huddled under blankets, or were wrapped in warm coats, hats, and gloves. The pipers performed in the lee of the hill to keep out of the wind and, at times, driving rain. What a glorious day it was! All agreed!


Standing at the grave of Angus “The Ridge” MacDonald:

L-R: Jocelyn Gillis, Curator, the Antigonish Heritage Museum; Ian Juurlink, St. Andrews; Isaac Mills, Somers Road; Laura MacLellan, Antigonish; Father Vernon Boutilier, Parish Priest, St. Andrews Parish; Dr. John Hamilton, President, Piobaireachd Society of Antigonish; and Mary Ellen Baldner,Antigonish.


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